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A place to get rid of that wedding stuff!

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Hello and welcome to BridalSwap! This has long been an idea of mine and I figured it was finally time to put something together. I'd like to operate similar to FreeCycle, you may learn more about that try freecycle.org

While i've seen certain FreeCycles go crazy, I'm going to lay down some rules in attempt to keep things fair and legitimate.

Rule #1) Try to keep things wedding related.. join your local freecycle group for non-wedding things. With that said, remember that wedding items are broad- anywhere from paperclips to magazines. Just don't ask for motorcycle parts or offer your old Nursing Textboks.

Rule #2) Format, Format, Format! In keeping with organization, let's utilize the subject lines. If it's an offer, put OFFER: (item offered). If you're looking for something, put WANTED: (item desired). This helps with skimming entries, nobody is going to want to read your want post of 15 bolts of purple tulle if they don't have any.

Rule #2.5) LJ-Cut is your friend and mine. For the sake of all of our friend's pages, please utilize this tool.

Rule #3) In addition to just offering and wanting, you can negotiate with another member to SWAP! For example if you have a case of leftover candles, but you still need placecards, be sure to label the subject line: SWAP (item needed) FOR (item offered). I actually prefer the swaps because they're funner! You MAY swap for a non wedding related item.

Rule #4) You may post things you are looking for periodically, but do not post the SAME Wanted post more than once every 30 days. If the traffic in here gets crazy (doubtful), then maybe we'll revisit that rule.

Rule #5) Saying that it should be 'first come first serve' seems fair enough, but I know i'll be the first one to get annoyed if the same girl is getting EVERYTHING. I think everyone should have a chance to benefit, so please lets try and keep things fair. I cannot enforce who gets what (nor do I want to!), but it is 100% up to the person offering who they want to give their items to. Commenting to form a 'line' is important just in case things don't work out with the first claimant.

Rule #6) Money, Money, Money! Offering your wedding related items to another bride is gracious enough. You DO have the right to ask for shipping costs. I personally recommend paypal, but like a regular classified, all transactions are to be handled privately between the offerer and the person accepting the items.

Rule #7) I can ban you. Even if you're doing something that I haven't outlined in the 'rules'.
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