Wanted to buy or trade for: David's Bridal CK 118

I'm looking for this dress in white, size 6 or 8, preferably unaltered. People keep listing it on eBay, but only in champagne! (And that color looks just awful on me.) I'll pay up to $500 plus shipping for it, or I can trade services. I'm a seamstress, and I will be happy to alter or hem your dress or something for your bridesmaids. Some combination of service and cash is also possible.

I also have a vintage wedding dress I've purchased and decided not to use to trade. It wouldn't be a fair trade for the dress I want, but it's in good/wearable condition. It's about a size 4. (Bought it as a 6, and there's no way.) (Photos are screen shot from original seller's auction.)

Thanks ladies!
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